sexta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2008

A flower in the window: happiness coming in

Here I am.

I’ve picked up the happiest lines of all favorite poets
Dressed up in the colorful rainbow in the sky
Grabbed one million dayses in a chain
Listened to a new song every single minute
Swum among the words of books
Slept with angels
Waken up with the voice of a heart
Played the hopscoth of life.
Of course,
I’ve felt the thorn of a rose
Heard the cry of babies
Seen the dark side of the moon
Visited the devil in desguise
Drunk the tea of sorrow
Opened Pandora’s box
Rolled the dice wrongly
Forgotten the address to the golden door.
I’ll keep on saying
I’m happier than blue
And if I do not fit the patterns
You stablished for me
I don’t mind.
That’s when I feel alone
Time to strike the right key, then
It’s all a matter of choice
I choose the flower in the window!

That’s me:

A recollection of moments taken by the road
At the sound of a song that says
“Do Re Mi”


Photo by Angel Marika