quarta-feira, 20 de abril de 2011

On your door step

 Yesterday love was not an easy game to play. It still is. There’s not an easy thing like love. Either you love or you don’t. You have to see the difference. Last night I went to bed willing not to hear your voice. I got up having the same feeling. Sometimes people have to be kept on a cage so that they can think a little bit about how they are dealing with others. You’re in my cage now. You’ve been not nice to me or to yourself. Love is easy, life is simple and every window is a way out. When it’s not like this, that’s our problem. Not the world’s. I’ve just drawn a heart on a piece of paper. It’s beating strongly and wildly like the heart inside my chest. It happens because the world shows what I see. Everyone has this power. If you see darkness, dark your world will be. If you see brightness, bright your world will be. Easy and comforting like holding someone you love. I love you but you’ll be kept on quarantine. There’s always a distance between lovers. At times it’s necessary to make it bigger so that things can be measured and felt. If it’s really love you’ll come closer. That’s part of the process of learning how to love.  That’s lesson number one. 

Image by Adnil on DeviantArt