segunda-feira, 12 de novembro de 2007

When shoes do not fit

Bob knew there was something different – not wrong – with him. To start with, he was not for all the war, starvation and poverty we can see on Earth – in all kinds and sense. Besides, he could not understand why people did not care about it. He used to find friends on weekends. He meant to have some fun. However he always felt alone in the crowd. People are so foolish. They only care about themselves. When they talk about somebody else he can feel envy in their words and steps. He could not see the point. Weren’t they supposed to have fun? So why did they spend a lot of time reffering to other people’s lives and to such small things like what clothes to wear for the next party or how many times someone got to have sex on the weekend? I may be coming back to the same theme but I could not help seeing how deep Bob is not concerned with these frivolous aspects we have in this world. Furthermore, we can always learn from other people’s experience. He knows he is not alone indeed and he has learned that being alone among these people is not a case of solitude but being higher. Now, whenever he finds himself in a situation like that, he flies to meet his mates in a galaxy far far away...