segunda-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2007

No break for teachers

Let me start with a question: why can not teachers help talking about education even when they get together for fun? Didn’t they have the lesson that says “there’s a time for everything”? Maybe they are out of their minds. Maybe they only had pedagogical lessons to study. Maybe that is the kind of question whose answer is not found. Maybe not. Teachers can not avoid talking about their profession because it represents their lives - however, it does not mean they are not crazy. They are really crazy, indeed. Otherwise, they were not teachers anymore. Considering everyone’s life, we can not ask God to give us a break not in good nor in bad times, for instance. We can not stop the world and just wait for the grass to be green again. And that’s it: to be a teacher means having no break. “Here, there and everywhere”, as The Beatles sang, “come rain or come shine”, as the old saying says, we are full-time teachers. Having some fun with friends, helping our kids at home, saying how someone can get to the other side of the road, changing information with other teachers, planning our lessons or listening to our students. No teaching, no air. We are teachers and that is all.


To all the lovely "crazy" teachers I've met at CECPLIN.